Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mission Statement

RAIL is a group of artist-run project spaces and galleries. RAIL functions foremost as a breeding ground for new developments and is a stakeholder and protagonist in the development of Third Street. Our first project will be the launching of an art map on April 6, 2007.

April 2007


Silverman MISSION
Founded in 2006, Silverman is a gallery, boutique and project-space. Working within the framework of curation, Silverman explores the relationship between disciplines. Silverman is a collaborative effort to subvert the languages, both theoretical and visual, which are commonly used to define "exhibition". Silverman is based on a concept that seeks to maintain a direct connection between the venue and the exhibition by establishing aa connection between the space and the art it houses. By not formulating our own rules and definitions, Silverman encourages the re-articulation of meaning when communicated over social, cultural and geographical distances.

Job Piston An unsung rhythm in a colonnade of stars (March 8 - April 12)
Opening, Saturday March 10
Closing, Saturday April 7

Silverman CONTACT
Jessica Silverman, Director
2295 Third St. at the corner of 20th ( located on 20th, basement level)
San Francisco, CA
t: 415.255.9508


Ping Pong Gallery MISSION
Ping Pong Gallery was founded in 2005 by artists Vanessa Blaikie and Joey Piziali. It was conceived of as a creative incubator and alternative art space wherein an action-oriented activity (ping pong), seemingly un-
related to the arts, would give shape to an exhibition space and set in motion both a literal and figurative dialogue between artists and individuals.

Jeff Eisenberg
Opening, Saturday April 7

1240 22nd Street ( gallery address)
690 Pennsylvania Ave #110 San Francisco CA 94107 ( mailing address)
t: 415-550-7483


TART, founded in 2004 is an artist-run space committed to presenting experimental work that has had little or no exposure on the West Coast. We show established and emerging national and international artists working in all media but are particularly interested in time-based work.

April 7 - April 10 2007
four nights, four performances

01. Oliver Farley/performance art
02. Stephen Sutcliffe/performative video
03. 1979 The Kitchen archives/audio
04. The Essential Clash/video footage

Opening: Saturday April 7, 7-10pm
Hours: 7-10pm

47 Lusk Alley
San Francisco CA 94107
t: 415 203-5865
f: 208 977-3855


Ampersand MISSION
Ampersand international arts is a contemporary arts space dedicated to championing and nurturing emerging and mid-career artists and creating a critical conversation around their work. ampersand promotes intercultural dialogue and collaboration between artists, curators, & arts enthusiasts, cultivating an understanding of diverse aesthetic and cultural perspectives.

Exhibition Dates: Saturday APRIL 7th - May 11
Opening : Saturday April 7th = 6.00pm-8.30pm

artist: Steven Elliott
title : Waterworks
medium: mixed media

artist: Angela Hennessy
title:Partly Cloudy
medium: mixed media

Ampersand CONTACT
1001 Tennessee street
San Francisco CA 94107
t 415-285-0170
f 415-285-6856

Monday, January 15, 2007

The start of RAIL

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Check back for updates, openings and downloadable map.