Tuesday, July 31, 2007

yep...Ingmar and then Michelangelo...



Last scene:
they slowly close the door and they go on to have a drink somewhere...

Skol Ingmar ! Salute Michelangelo!

yes Cheers!--thanks for the very moving images

Sunday, July 29, 2007

KYLE MOCK : " DO NOT DISTURB " @ Triple Base Gallery

July 13 - August 26, 2007 @ Triple Base
Triple Base Gallery is pleased to announce Kyle Mock’s first solo exhibition, Do Not Disturb. Perhaps you have wondered what it would be like to step into one of your favorite paintings or even into the mind of an artist you admire. This is your chance to do just that ...
Gallery Hours
Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm (please check for special evening hours)
3041 24th Street _ San Francisco

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Southern Exposure is seeking a part time art instructor and an artist assistant to support the art instructor to conduct a 8-week workshop for Southern Exposure's after school program

Location: at the Boys & Girls Club: Columbia Park.
Deadline to apply: Friday, August 24, 2007 5PM.

more info HERE

Tuesday, July 24, 2007




          Gallery manager and Office Assistant

Salaried Full-time

Hours: 9:30-6:30 pm (1 hour lunch); also evenings for events, and Saturdays during exhibition periods

$20-24,000 annually

General Description:

The gallery manager and office assistant works with a highly qualified and enthusiastic team of staff and Board members. Responsibilities include: managing the gallery; organizing and overseeing the volunteer and intern program to ensure adequate volunteer, gallery, and reception support; providing administrative support to the executive director including organizing Board meetings and communications with the board of directors; providing administrative support to all departments, in particular to support membership, organizing openings and events, and press communications. The position is supported by volunteers when available.


    • At least one year of experience working in an administrative office environment, preferably in the arts.
    • Educational background that includes the arts and/or office administration


Experience in the following areas is required:

    • Working with other staff or a team to set and manage priorities
    • Strong working knowledge of Macintosh computers and Microsoft Office
    • Knowledge of database systems (Filemaker Pro)
    • Knowledge of Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign)

- Office procedures including filing systems, databases, and events management

Knowledge of the following desired:

    • Knowledge of contemporary art practice in the visual arts, music, video, literature and/or performance art important. This person will need to become completely conversant in Langton's mission, program, and activities.
    • Ability to update e-announcements and the website


This position requires the following skills:

    • This person is a personable, well-organized individual with proven interpersonal, communication and office skills.
    • Exceptional organizational skills, efficiency, and a keen eye for detail and accuracy

- Must be a self-starter, detail oriented, and able to multi-task.



    1. The position is responsible for opening and closing the gallery, and overseeing the experience of general audiences, and different groups visiting the gallery.

    2. Foster relationships with local schools and volunteer resource centers to ensure consistent interest in the volunteer and internship program.

    3. Solicit and place interns and volunteers for all departments and events.

    4. Supervise and train interns and volunteers to gallery sit, coordinate opening receptions and other events, answer telephones, and perform departmental and basic administrative support.

    5. Maintain volunteer database and files.

    6. Coordinate intern gatherings and gallery tours.

    7. Set-up and organization of events including openings for exhibitions and events, special tours with groups, membership, and other special events which range from brunches, to cultivation events, and salon dinners.

    8. Ensure clean and safe presentation of exhibition space, supplying appropriate gallery and institutional signage.

    9. Keep front desk and entrance clean and well organized.

    10. Sell catalogs and memberships, and maintain catalog inventory and stock.

    11. Track daily attendance and produce quarterly and yearly attendance reports.

    12. Report any technical or gallery safety problems to the Assistant Director.

Office Administration:

    1. Order office supplies and postage, retrieve messages off the answering machine, sort incoming and process outgoing mail daily, and maintain office procedures manual.

    2. Ensure the timely answering of the telephone with background knowledge of all possible inquiries.

    3. Take phone reservations for evening programs, and sell advance tickets as needed.

    4. Set up and attend full board meetings. Take minutes and distribute with other important board information on a timely basis.

    5. Keep board meeting files, binders, meeting calendars, and address lists current and well organized.

    6. Maintain and update all board of director files, database, address list, and other important board documents.

    7. Provide administrative assistance to the Executive Director, including fielding phone calls, creating correspondence, editing correspondence and scheduling meetings.

    8. Provide general support to staff in other departments, including membership, grants, mailings, and events.

    9. Support Assistant Director in development, providing reliable support in all areas, including correspondences and tracking of membership, special event planning, Board giving, coordinating grant applications, and generating correspondence.

    10. Oversee distribution of press releases, PSAs, listings, and press kits to print, digital, and broadcast media.

    11. Oversee collection, clipping, and filing of reviews of all presenting and exhibiting programs.

    12. Coordinate volunteer and staff distribution and posting of announcements.

    13. Oversee all data entry and management of Langton’s mailing and email lists. Ensure the timely and accurate updating of information. Train and support gallery coordinator and volunteers in data entry.

14. Undertake other related duties as required.

Responsible to: Executive Director

Reports to: Assistant Director

Supervises: Interns and volunteers

Friday, July 20, 2007

We are all invited to Glasgow !

Thank You Pierre !
(time for another SF meeting ?!)

Production Meeting
Private view: Tuesday 24 July 2007, 6 to 9pm
Opening times: Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 July, 11am to 6pm

Participating artists include: Hayley Caradoc Hodgkins, House of
O'Dwyer, Colin Tennant...

Intermedia Gallery
350 Sauchiehall St
G2 3JD
For Production Meeting, the Centre of Attention will be onsite (on location) for the duration aiming to pursue the production of a number of works. The gallery becomes a set as well as a production meeting venue, in what we call an active or 'hot installation'.

Filming tests, script editing and performance will be done against a back drop of a contemporary art show which includes paintings, photography etc. The Centre of Attention will be available the whole time to meet artists, discuss and review proposals and portfolios while pursuing the production of a number of video works including 'Remake', 'Boo', and the as-yet-untitled staging of a mass fight in the gallery at the opening.

Uncertainty, provisionality and the lack of a defined product see the moment of the exhibition, not as the culmination/fruition of a process, but as a production site for preliminary research and work to be completed at a later date (maybe).

One avowed aim of Production Meeting is to turn the audience into fodder for our work: in this model, the viewer becomes the labour rather than participant, and the artist becomes the consumer, utilising, bleeding the resources of the infrastructure, the space and the public, for the realisation of their own ends.

Our version of a production meeting may not bear any resemblance to what passes for a production meeting in the corporate world.

Notes: Production Meeting is part of 'It's not hard' curated by Anthony Schrag at Intermedia.

The Centre of Attention
is a gallerycuratorartistschaft started in London in 1999.
For more information contact Pierre/Gary at:
or 07792 582 386

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer Session

looking fwd to seeing you!
On view through July 29, 2007
Christian Tomaszewski:
On Chapels, Caves and Erotic Misery - The Happiness of Objects

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The fourth and final event in the MAD SCIENCE summer series is coming up next Monday, July 23 from 7-10 pm @ PLAySPACE
Join us for drinks and conversation
around works-in-progress by:
David Elinoff, Jordan Essoe and Jonathon Keats .

The event series will culminate in a month-long residency at PLAySPACE, for which one artist who has shared work over the summer will be invited to use the gallery as their studio for the month of August, 2007.

Please visit HERE for more details
or email us at playspace@cca.edu with any questions.
Stay tuned for the announcement of the lineup for our Fall 2007 season!

California College of the Arts
1111 Eighth Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Coffee, Elephants and Garden Furniture

Had too much of that great coffee at our local Piccino_poor me_ so i went for long walk in Dogpatch / Mission Bay ...
I stumbled upon “Ballast--The Richard Serra”, 2 handsome slabs of steel, like 2 sad elephants left behind by some small circus somewhere in nowhereland.
Underwhelming for me it was: poorly situated, it felt like a "missed opportunity", revealing even more the suburban, safe feel of the architecture around it...luckily the skyes above it were beautiful and baroque as they can be in San Francisco
BUT a really great surprise though was the arrangement of furniture / art installationish style in the garden close by (in the Koret Quad at UCSF Mission Bay) _ it is the work of Roy McMakin, lighthearted and whimsical, almost subliminally subversive, revealing itself slowly as you sit down and reflect : these awful pastic and wood garden chairs are actually made of bronze and these ubiquitous, ugly filing cardboard boxes laying around are made of steel and little bizarre details like that everywhere...check it out if you can...

Saturday, July 14, 2007


this Sunday JULY 15TH @ from 1 - 4pm
@ Esprit Park
a Dogpatch Portrait:
portraits taken by the brilliant Christopher Irion
towards an outdoor installation to be unveiled later this Summer @ 900 Minnessota street.

Friday, July 13, 2007


ampersand international arts
+ Ping Pong
+ Silverman Gallery + TART = Rail

Rail is an innovative alliance of San Francisco based project spaces and galleries: ampersand international arts, Ping Pong Gallery, Silverman Gallery and TART. As seen on the map, Rail’s project spaces and galleries are located in the path of the new MUNI T train that connects the Third Street, DogPatch, South Beach and Mission Bay neighborhoods.

The Rail galleries are diverse in their programming, but share an understanding of what constitutes an art experience, informed by the intimate nature of their spaces. Through their
collective experiences, Rail spaces ensure the growing arts presence on Third Street. Rail’s actions include monthly coordinated openings, projects across all Rail venues, an online
resource, hosting of national and international visiting artists, curators and critics.

Rail stands as an open invitation to the neighborhood, the San Francisco arts community and beyond.

“Rail‘s ‘artwalk’was a trip! -- a journey of discovery, sociability, and unexpected aesthetic delights. It’s a perfect opportunity to explore what’s germinating in the San Francisco art scene
and to tour this developing area of the city.” MARCIA TANNER curator / writer

For more info/to obtain copies of map contact: railsf@gmail.com
Vanessa Blaikie/Joey Piziali 415 550 7483
Anne Colvin 415 203 5865
Bruno Mauro / Patricia Maloney 415 285 0170
Jessica Silverman 415 255 9508

Endgame continues ?!...

ENDGAME is about to end at ampersand...yep...;-(
what a great adventure; a great story it was indeed.
Marion & Cofone _ it was a privilege to work with You both
you have been so highly inspiring and enlightening...and challenging...'-)

mais en fait rien n'est fini : car à vous Buenos-Aires !!!!!

Albert Reyes _ we miss you here !!!

when are you coming to visit ?
January 08 seems far...

be well


[2nd floor projects] presents :

“ THIS IS THE NEXT MORNING (no means yes.) ”

new work by


June 8 til JULY TWENTY SECOND ! , 2007

2nd floor projects ]
3740 25th street, no.205
san francisco CA 94110
415 824 2644

hours: SUNDAY 12-5pm + by APPOINTMENT

The Intersection Institute's: ART WALK THROUGH THE MISSION

From July 14 to August 4, 2007
art lovers will be able to stroll through a small section of the Mission District and discover exciting new work from local artists in unexpected places.

A highlight of the Intersection Institute's workshop on art show curation led by visual artist, educator and curator Julio Morales, nine workshop participants will curate their own art show in the form of an Art Walk across several blocks of the Mission District.

A MAP with locations and addresses will be AVAILABLE at Hideo Wakamatsu beginning July 14th.

A RECEPTION will be held at Hideo Wakamatsu, 563 Valencia Street(between 16th and 17th Street) on July 14 from Noon to 3 p.m.

Artists and Addresses include:

REBECCA MILLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hideo Wakamatsu, 563 Valencia Street, (17th Street)

Bill Jenkins
Corner of 17th Street and Mission (in front of Thrift Town)

Marialuisa Ruiz & Eileen Schwappach
Buffalo Wings Restaurant, 663 Valencia Street (18th Street)

Marion Coleman
Regalito, 3481 18th Street (Valencia)

Kristen Van Patten
Lamp Post in front of Architectural Elements, 573 Valencia Street, (17th Street)

Secret Artist
16th Street (Albion) above Southwest Corner

(Rebecca Miller Image taken from New Image Art gallery L.A. website)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A House Is Not A Home @ Caren Golden Gallery NYC

A House Is Not A Home
Curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody

July 9 - August 17 , 2007



Jessica_ I love the neon light photos you posted
((((and sorry))))


HIROSHI mon amour

FINALLY really enjoyed a show @ De Young :

Hiroshi Sugimoto's work is in town !


First Tuesday of each month FREE.
Muni riders with Fast Pass or transfer receive a $2 discount.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Bronx River Art Center presents: "Freaks of Nature"
Curated by Jose Ruiz & Trenia Wooten

July 20th - August 25th, 2007
Opening Reception: Friday, July 20th from 6:00 - 9:00pm

Artists Include:
Cesar Cornejo, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Javier Cuellar, Bronwyn Minton,Domenick Di Pietrantonio, AND THE ONE AND ONLY JOEY PIZIALI, Ryan Hackett, Justine Reyes, Jenny Ham, Patrick Resing

Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday 3:00 - 6:30pm, Saturday 11 - 5:00pm

Bronx River Art Center
1087 E. Tremont Ave. PO Box 5002
Bronx, NY 10460

Neon inspiration to brighten your day.

ilar lari rali airl lira lria airl

HIGH on sugar w/ SOEX (and Mission Pie Café)

old-fashioned pie baking contest

an event hosted by Free Enterprise,
Southern Exposure's summer residency program.

July 21, 2007 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Location: Southern Exposure

Nathan Lynch, in collaboration with Southern Exposure and Mission Pie*, invites all neighbors to an old-fashioned pie baking contest. Share your fresh baked pies, family pie recipes and tales of the oven at 2901 Mission Street. Guest judges will announce the winner. All pies are welcome. All ages are welcome.

* Mission Pie Café
(Possibly the best freakin' pies on the Left Coast)

Not only does the Mission Pie cafe employ students from Mission High (with a goal of helping them to build healthier local food systems within their community)—this SF offshoot of Pie Ranch, a sustainable farm near Pescadero, sells first-rate, mostly organic pies (pictured, apple pie, $18). Mission Pie, 2901 Mission St. (enter on 25th Street), 415-282-1500.":7X7 Magazine


hey !

hey there
aaaahh...so nice to be here_SF is finally home i feel...
will overcome my “shyness” and write here and there of artsy (or not) relevant things _and shamelessly plug friends and family's projects.
Soon our Patricia Maloney, “La Maloney ” will let us know of her grand tour’s impressions: Venice, Kassel & Berlin .
peace out!
Bruno Mauro -
Ampersand (&)

Monday, July 9, 2007

MOVEMENT Issue of LOUDmouth Magazine!

Greetings and salutations,

It's that time again...Back Page Question for the
MOVEMENT Issue of LOUDmouth Magazine!
We want to know:

"What are you moving towards/What are you moving away

This is a great way to participate if you weren't able
to submit a pitch to this issue's call for

Just send your answer,name (we accept nicknames,fake
names and codes to protect the innocent),and age to
Irina Contreras at loudmouthmagazine@gmail.com.

Irina Contreras
Editor in Chief
LOUDmouth Magazine
feminism: fem'e-niz'em -n. [The] movement to end
sexism, sexist exploitation and [all] oppression.
- bell hooks

Sunday, July 8, 2007

TART Talks 06


We have a couple of John Armleder posters at the top of our stairs, one in red with none of the above in white and one in white with none of the above in red - both different fonts and sizes. They are so bold yet enigmatic, an apt description of Armleder's work. Since we put them up there people have been really drawn to them, in fact love them as I do - for their playfulness.

Today I feel like none of the above; a call for something different, unexpected even. Time to start all over again... This can be a scary yet very liberating feeling, always worthwhile if you really get into it.

Back in a month, Anne.

Friday, July 6, 2007

TART Talks 05

Here are some shows to check out if you are in New York. Enjoy! Anne.

Rudlof Stingel at The Whitney
Automatic Update at MOMA
'Til I Die at Spencer Brownstone
Early Work at White Columns
Substance and Surface at Bortolami-Dayan
Fischli/Weiss at Swiss Institute
PatrichMcmullan.com (Who am I?) at Gavin Brown's Enterprise at Passerby
David Lamelas at Maccarone
Organizing Chaos (includes Luke Fowler who had his first US solo show at TART) at PS1
The Atrocity Exhibition at Thierry Goldberg Projects
Freaks of Nature (includes Joey Piziali of Pingpong) at Bronx River Art Gallery

Thursday, July 5, 2007



Lia Anna Hennig

opening reception 7th of July, 7-10pm
also open by appointment

peles empire
1137-2 S.Cochran Ave.
90019 Los Angeles

TART Talks 04

Internship Opportunity at Silverman

This came in today...
If anyone has any suggestions - please forward this along! Thanks, Jessica.

What we are looking for:
You are interested in working in a growing art gallery environment, possess strong communications skills (both in person and on the phone), and excellent organizational and computer habits. You are able to commit 2-3 days a week and are able to attend all openings (and occasional extra days, if we participate in art fairs).

1. Administrative assistance:
• Answer phone, receive/open mail, ensure messages and correspondence are distributed
• Assist with database maintenance, prepare paperwork for installations, assist with mailings, and run errands;
• Help set up for art openings, hosting special events

2. Preparatory assistance:
• Assist curators install and de-install exhibitions, including patching and painting, hanging and lighting;
• Handling art, pack and unpack artwork;

3. The fun part:
• Work with curator on projects involving research and compiling relevant information that requires direct communication with artists and collaborators.

• Personable, outgoing, not afraid to ask questions;
• Ability to take direction and work independently;
• Able to perform detail-oriented tasks w/ minimal supervision;
• Strong multi-tasking and organizational skills;
• Excellent phone and interpersonal skills;
• Knowledge of contemporary/modern art or the willingness to learn about it.

About us:
Silverman Gallery's internship program is structured to coordinate applicants' interest, backgrounds and schedules with the galleries rigerous exhibition program. While we cannot offer paid internships, we offer a behind the scenes experience in a culturally enriched neighborhood at a dynamic young gallery with a chance to work with artists and arts professionals, in exchange for the valuable time and talent of our interns. For interns currently enrolled in school programs, we are happy to assist with fulfilling credit requirements.Compensation: This is not a paid position (interns may qualify for paid positions, based on performance and as available).

The gallery is open Thursday - Saturday from 11-6 please visit our website:

To apply, email your cover letter and resume to
Jessica@Silverman-Gallery.com or call 310.428.8932.

Hope to hear from you soon! Jessica Silverman

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

TART Talks 03

Happy 4th!

Bruce Springsteen, Born in The USA - East Berlin 1988

The Clash, I'm So Bored With The USA - live 1978

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

TART Talks 02

What's been going on...

..things have been pretty crazy recently starting with the nomination of national and international artists for Headlands residencies then the show I was in at Gavin Brown's in New York followed by Omega Man at TART, which incidentally will be reviewed in Artweek's September issue. I have also been in the process of putting together TART Upstairs, an ongoing works on paper selection - a sort of private backroom. Finally, I have planned September's show Three Years and Counting which I am really excited about, time to celebrate our three year anniversary. So....I am going to step back a bit from TART over the summer (other than TART Upstairs by appointment) and get back to my own work. I have a couple of shows coming up so need to stay focused, more on that later.

On the Rail front we participated in an International Archive project at The Shedhalle in Zurich, great to position ourselves in this context. We are also working on a very exciting project which will take place across all spaces sometime in the spring, an interesting challenge. Our next scheduled Rail night is September the 7th - watch out for the new map.

That's about it for now, I'll be back tomorrow with something for the holiday, Anne.

Monday, July 2, 2007

TART Talks 01

Brunch at TART

We had a brunch at TART on Saturday for a few people from the documentary film world interested in Oliver Farley's work. For them this was another layer in Oliver's story and one which resonated in a very special way.

Currently between shows, we hung his huge watercolor and ink pieces on the walls in the main space and I have to say it looked pretty spectacular. It is always an interesting challenge for me to install work that isn't time-based.

What I love about Oliver's work is that there is nowhere to hide - he is the work. I'll leave it at that for now! you will be seeing more of him at TART.

It was a very laid-back experience this brunch thing, people just made themselves at home and got on with it. It's something that I've noticed happens when visitors come to TART. One thing that did strike me though was how few mimosas were consumed, mind you it didn't stop me, Neil and Oliver!

Well on that cheery note, I am going to sign off but I will be back tomorrow and for the rest of this week with more TART Talks, Anne.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Dear friends, dear colleagues,
I am working on a new project at New York University. We are creating
a new collection of artworks (all media.) The first exhibition I
curate will show the process of working with a collection, and will
take place in September/October 2007.

Please be so kind to forward this email to all artists you know. I
need as much as possible artworks for the new New York University Open

Jan Van Woensel


In the framework of the exhibition titled: "All is well that begins
well and has no end," organized at 80 WSE Gallery, New York, September
2007, we are creating an open collection of artworks. This collection
will be a work in progress that grows and shifts during the course of
the exhibition.
The "Open Collection" redefines the act of collecting as a
collaborative process, and initiates an organic conversation between
artists, and curators. This will function as an ongoing laboratory.
"All is well…" acts as a contemporary accompaniment to "The Geometry
of Hope," a survey of the Cisneros Collection on view at The Grey
Gallery, New York. The Cisneros Collection focuses on modern and
contemporary Latin-American art, and has a strong emphasis on
geometric abstraction, concrete art, minimalism, and conceptual art
from the 1930s to the 1970s.

"All is well that begins well and has no end" uses the Cisneros
Collection's focus on geometric abstraction, concrete art, minimalism,
and conceptual art, as a platform to survey artists working with
similar visual languages today. The call for donations is open to all
artists, working in all possible media.

By donating to the Open Collection, your artwork will engage in an
experimental cross-cultural dialogue. The artworks of the Open
Collection, will be displayed in the central gallery of the exhibition
"All is well that begins well and has no end," by Jan Van Woensel, the
curator of the show, in collaboration with Ernesto Burgos and Jonah
Groeneboer. The Open Collection forms a resource for curators and
artists, and will be archived at New York University.


Step 1: Email your contact info, artist statement, resume, and 1 JPG
of the work (1 work per artist) you submit to 80wse.gallery@gmail.com

Step 2: Mail your artwork to:

Jan Van Woensel
New York University, dept of Art and Art Profession
34 Stuyvesant St, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10003

Deadline: September 1st, 2007

Drop off:
August 28th – September 1st, 2007: Gallery hours 10am – 5pm, from
Tuesday to Saturday
Gallery address:
80 Washington Square East
New York, NY 10003

"All is well that begins well and has no end," is an exhibition
curated by Jan Van Woensel, in collaboration with Ernesto Burgos and
Jonah Groeneboer. The exhibition takes place in September and October
2007, at NYU 80 Washington Square East Gallery, NY.

For information, please contact Tricia Owlett at office.janvanwoensel@gmail.com