Monday, February 26, 2007

Tongue 2 Tongue: Provoking Critical Dialogue Among Queer Women of Color


Tongue 2 Tongue: Provoking Critical Dialogue Among Queer Women of Color is a community-organized three-day dialogue among queer women of color featuring workshops, lectures, visual art, film, performances and spaces where discussions evolve into action in and between our various communities through proposals for continued organizing and solidarity building. This social change event aims to deepen analysis of-, broaden dialogue on-, and instigate response to the on-going critical issues created out of the intersecting sites of race, class, gender, sexuality, citizenship, and nationalism.

This exchange will take place on the weekend of September 7 – 9, 2007 at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s Village at 1125 N. McCadden Place & Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles, California.

We invite all queer women of color to submit proposals for:

  • Workshops, panel discussions, guest speakers and forums
  • Art and photography exhibitions
  • Independent Films, Music and Performances by artists, filmmakers, bands, DJs
  • As well as a market-style arts, publications & crafts vendors

We welcome submissions from independent scholars, educators, artists, academic community and community activists. Proposals submitted for consideration should display significant content or thematic material regarding lesbian, bisexual or transgender women of color and/or issues based on our theme and mission statement. In addition, we welcome submissions that analyze themes as queer theory, sexuality, borders and boundaries, In/Migration and mobility, performing feminisms, religion and belief, race, health, embodiment, and transnationalism.

For years, queer women of color have been instrumental to social justice struggles but we have yet to find a collective voice. Tongue 2 Tongue believes that provoking honest and difficult dialogue is a critical first step toward building and strengthening community alliances. The goal of this event is to envision concrete plans of action to confront the injustices we face.

How to Propose a Workshop/Discussion/Panel/Performance

  • Description of your workshop/exhibit/performance/craft themes and goals. Why do you believe this is interesting and significant, and why do you believe it should be held at T2T? What are the main goals and how would participants benefit from it?
  • Your intended audience. Who do you expect to be interested and to benefit from your contribution?
  • Organization of the workshop/exhibit/performance/craft and Physical set-up needed. Please describe the intended format of the workshop. Are you going to do a presentation, panel discussion, or use other methods for ensuring an interactive atmosphere? What will you need to do this (i.e. PowerPoint, stage, spotlight, tables, etc)?
  • Organizers' biography details. Please indicate what background and experience you have in regards to your presentation.

Please submit your proposal addressing above questions along with the “Conference Application Form” and any supporting materials to or postal mail to: T2T c/o VIVA/Tongues, 1125 N. McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038-1212. Questions? Visit the Tongues website at or email us at or call us at (323) 860-7322.

Submission deadline: JUNE 1, 2007 • Notification date: JULY 1, 2007 • Event: SEPT 7 - 9, 2007

Early submissions are encouraged.

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