Thursday, March 29, 2007

OPENING reception : SATURDAY April 7th = 6.00pm-8.30pm *

OPENING reception : SATURDAY April 7th = 6.00pm-8.30pm *

ARTIST: Steven Elliott
title : Waterworks
medium: mixed media
+essay by Mark Sanford Gross

ARTIST: Angela Hennessy
title:Partly Cloudy
medium: mixed media
+essay by Lydia Matthews & poem by Juvenal Acosta

Exhibition DATES: April 7th - May 11th

ampersand international arts
1001 Tennessee street ( @ 20th street)
San Francisco 94107

* a Rail action *

Bruno Mauro
t 415-285-0170 f 415-285-6856

STEVEN ELLIOTT makes work inspired by and thematically linked to 19th
and early 20th century literature, illustration, and the camp
traditions of double entendre, game play, and subterfuge.
Steven Elliott holds a Master of Fine Arts in New Genres from the San
Francisco Art Institute. Steven Elliott work is in the permanent
collection of the University Art Museum at Berkeley, and has been shown
at the Oakland Museum, The Luggage Store gallery, Southern Exposure,
New Langton Arts and Intersection for the Arts.

ANGELA HENNESSY' sculpture and installations often involve materials
transformed beyond recognition. Delicate and destructive manipulations
of velvet appear as washes of ink and smudges of charcoal, a spot of
mold or a clump of hair. Her objects feel as if they might get up and
crawl away. Their ambiguous nature arouses the desire to touch, to
understand not by logic, but by tactile experience, from one body to
another. Much of her work is based on the act of unraveling black
velvet, a material rich in references to luxury, labor and sensuality,
and a slang term for black women. Over many years the color black has
emerged as a recurring theme in her practice, as both an indication of
death and a term of racial identification.Currently she is exploring
blackness as a state of being, prone to psychological vulnerabilities.
Angela Hennessy received a Master of Fine Arts from California College
of the Arts in 2005.She has exhibited in San Francisco and New York
and recently participated in the residency program at The Skowhegan
School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine.She lives in Emeryville,
California and works in West Oakland.

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