Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Gulch

One of the most exciting aspects of majuscule, the show I am currently in at GBE was the inclusion of writer David Means, who has been called "one of our most talented younger writers" by The New York Times. He writes short stories - dark, intense and very evocative.

The curator chose one of his stories which she had personally been inspired by, The Gulch and created a small hard-back book with an image from each artist's work in the show illustrating the pages. The book was given out at the opening; a remnant from the show, a project from the show, it lives on.

David cluched his book proudly at the opening. I told him how I had read some of his stories from one of his books assorted fire events on the flight over after I had taken a homeopathic relaxant - enhancing the somewhat surreal and visceral reading experience. He thought that was pretty funny!

It was nice having his presence there, a different kind of touchstone far removed from the art world, New York and it's attendant 'events'.

- Anne Colvin.

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