Sunday, September 16, 2007

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It is our firm belief that the rugs we present are an important and relevant step in modern interior design. In recent times, amongst the turbulent shifts and changes and the many different styles, a new aesthetic has gathered pace underground. As is so often the case, the freshest ideas are to be found below the radar of the mainstream on the streets and new graphic styles have won hard-fought respect before bursting through and influencing large sectors of the creative industries. We believe that the rugs we offer are a chance not only to own a limited edition, highly collectable art piece but to integrate this new aesthetic functionally into your home or business space.

Rugs are a much celebrated means of defining and adding character to spaces – whether whole rooms or areas within them. Our rugs take fresh art and design that reflects the vanguard of aesthetic ideas and brings them into your home, adding colour and funk to both modern and more traditional rooms. There is something beautiful about taking designs from artists in New York and London and having them hand woven to the highest quality by Tibetan artisans in Nepal, using techniques perfected over millennia - interesting things happen when worlds collide!

The first principle for the project was quality. Only 100% Tibetan wool is used, with its high lanolin content making the rugs more resilient. The dyes are 100% natural, made in Switzerland. The entire process is carried out by hand using only traditional methods in the Kathmandu valley – from spinning and carding the wool through the weaving to the clipping and final washing. They are crafted to last a lifetime, and we believe they will be the classic design pieces of the future. Each design is available in a limited edition of ten at any custom size required. We can also undertake custom commissions for specific projects.

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