Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Jessica Brier, TART's intern and her cohorts (the FACTION team) have been hard at work on a screening at New Langton Arts coming up this Friday April 13, as well as a zine and exhibition, which will launch and open next Thursday in PLAySPACE Gallery at CCA from 5-7.

Screening Friday April 13, 2007 7pm
New Langton Arts $3 general admission

Langton, in conjunction with the first- year Curatorial Practice students at California College of the Arts, presents FACTION, a video screening including work by Iris Charabi-Berggren, Marion Kellmann, Walid Raad, Steve Reinke, and Sean Snyder. FACTION is a three-fold program that delights in a fanciful remix of fact and fiction and prods at the classical ideal of truth in representation.

The first manifestation of FACTION is a screening at Langton. Addressing the variety of ways in which we receive information, the program also consists of an exhibition at CCA's PLAySPACE Gallery, and a printed zine. The coinage of the term FACTION brazenly alters the word's true linguistic lineage in order to hold us to a new vision of FACTION as "an act of fiction and fact." Each of these programs will be an eclectic sampling of artists who confuse a vocabulary of the real by pushing familiar objects, sites, or sentiments into the realm of the imagined. This program is a timely exploration of themes central to the information age. The resulting presentation of video, text, objects, and images seduces while it confounds and thus highlights a revolving negotiation within the history of art: the tension between the real and the imaginary.

Selections for FACTION are gathered to reflect the full gamut of practices from emergent to established artists, and the breadth of issues being discussed within the California College of the Arts and beyond. The selected videos explore the processes of historicizing events, or resisting the impulse to historicize, through the lens of documentary filmmaking.

Program: Steve Reinke, Anal Masturbation, 2002; Object Loss, 2002 Marion Kellmann, The Retraining, 2006 Iris Charabi-Berggren, How to Engage With a Child, 2007 Steve Reinke, Excuse of the Real, 1989 Sean Snyder, Casio, Seiko, Sheraton. Toyota, Mars, 2005-2005 Walid Raad, The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs, 1999. Participating curators: Petrushka Bazin, Jessica Brier, Chialin Chou, Courtenay Finn, Anna Gritz, Clare Haggarty, Danny Orendorff, Kate Phillimore, Sarah Robayo Sheridan. For further information about the exhibition and zine please visit:

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