Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mad Science

Hi Anne, below is my blurb for the PLAySPACE events; thanks for the plug! Hope to see you on Friday, Jess.

PLAySPACE presents Mad Science

This summer, PLAySPACE Gallery will host a series of one-night events. The gallery will become a space for experimentation, presentation and conversation. The events will feature works-in-progress by artists, writers, architects, designers and curators from CCA and beyond. Participants have been invited to bring actual works-in-progress or documentation of these works to show and discuss casually. These are not meant to be critiques or finalized exhibitions but opportunities for conversation around process. Participation in these events is not exclusive to the CCA community.

All members of the public are invited to join us for drinks and conversation.

Featured artists lined up so far include Dina Danish, Joshua Gabriel, Samantha Lautman, Travis Meinolf, Dina Pugh, Karie Reinertson, Zachary Scholz, Gareth Spor, and Paul Zografakis.

The schedule of upcoming events is as follows:
Monday June 25, 7-10 pm
Monday July 9, 7-10 pm
Monday July 23, 7-10 pm

The event series will culminate in a month-long residency at PLAySPACE, for which one artist/writer/architect/designer/curator who shares work over the summer will be invited by the directors and committee to use the gallery as their studio for the month of August 2007.
Please email us at with any questions.

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