Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rail night

Rail invites you to our openings, open hours and events on Friday June 15th from 6pm onwards.

Ampersand and Ping Pong open their new shows, TART has open hours for its current show which is being reviewed for Artweek magazine and Silverman has an event planned.

Rail's actions include monthly coordinated openings, projects across all Rail venues, an online resource, hosting of national and international visiting artists, curators and critics. Rail recently participated in an International Archive Meeting at The Zurich Schedalle.

Rail's artwalk was a trip! -- a journey of discovery, sociability, and unexpected aesthetic delights. It's a perfect opportunity to explore what's germinating in the San Francisco art scene and to tour this developing area of the city - Marcia Tanner, curator and writer.

Look forward to seeing you, Rail.

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