Monday, July 2, 2007

TART Talks 01

Brunch at TART

We had a brunch at TART on Saturday for a few people from the documentary film world interested in Oliver Farley's work. For them this was another layer in Oliver's story and one which resonated in a very special way.

Currently between shows, we hung his huge watercolor and ink pieces on the walls in the main space and I have to say it looked pretty spectacular. It is always an interesting challenge for me to install work that isn't time-based.

What I love about Oliver's work is that there is nowhere to hide - he is the work. I'll leave it at that for now! you will be seeing more of him at TART.

It was a very laid-back experience this brunch thing, people just made themselves at home and got on with it. It's something that I've noticed happens when visitors come to TART. One thing that did strike me though was how few mimosas were consumed, mind you it didn't stop me, Neil and Oliver!

Well on that cheery note, I am going to sign off but I will be back tomorrow and for the rest of this week with more TART Talks, Anne.

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