Wednesday, August 1, 2007

D FOUGHT & J SANSING @ ampersand !!

We are getting ready for the next shows @ ampersand...
sanding and painting and having fun ( well_i am...'-)

The 2 solo shows of new work by the brilliant Bay Area artists :




will be opening with a reception on
Friday, September 7th
(6.00pm - 8.30pm).
Both artists will be in attendance.
These exhibitions will continue until September 24th .

AND Writer/Poet Stephanie Baker and Art Collector Jeff Lane will contribute text inspired by these artists' work.

AND Rail Action will be that very Friday September 7th as well !
more info later

AND we'll see You there!


Artist: David Fought
Title of Exhibit: " 3 (5)wires and 5 (3)sides "
Dates of Exhibit: September 7th - 24th
Media: sculptures, wall installation


Artist: James Sansing
Title of Exhibit: “ Seeing Darkly "
Dates of Exhibit: September 7th - 24th
Media: mixed media paintings



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