Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rail Action:ARTWALK:Friday, September 7

A Rail Action

ampersand, Pingpong and Jessica Silverman galleries
of the Rail alliance :
are happy to announce a Rail Artwalk :
3 coordinated openings on Friday, September 7th
--see details for hours below--
--click on Map for directions--

These Rail’s project spaces and galleries are located in the path of the new MUNI T train that connects the Third Street, DogPatch, South Beach and Mission Bay neighborhoods.

The current line up for this September shows of Rail ACTION is as follows:
TART's opening on 14th as Anne Colvin is included in show It can't happen here, Worksound, Portland.

ampersand international arts:
September 7th - 24th, 2007 (R3)
Opening Reception:
Friday, September 7th, 6-8.30pm
David Fought: "3 (5)wires and 5 (3)sides", Sculptures, Wall Installation,
James Sansing :"Seeing Darkly", Mixed Media Paintings
Gallery Hours:
Thursday & Friday : noon-5pm and appointment.

Ping Pong Gallery: September 7th - October 12th, 2007 (R4)
Opening Reception:
Friday, September 7th, 6-9pm.
Amanda Curreri: "Make New Friends" Multi-media Installation.
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday 6 -9pm, Thursday 6-9pm and Friday 11-5pm and appointment.

Silverman Gallery: September 7th - October 6th , 2007 (R2)
Opening reception:
September 7th 7-10pm.
Christopher Badger with Robert Smithson and La MonteYoung, Static Equilibrium.
a two part Exhibition:
Part I Silverman Gallery, San Francisco
Gallery Hours:
Thursday and Friday : noon - 5 pm and by appointment
(Part II Silverman Gallery,Los Angeles, September 7 - October 6, 2017)


"No self-respecting art community is ever complete without a small,informal gallery run by the artists themselves and dedicated to emerging talents and experimental ideas. These galleries seldom last forever but the idea behind them never dies. Many of the things they display are half baked and scarcely survive their initial exposure; on the other hand, some of the most important people in the history of art have been introduced to the public by ventures of this kind"
Alfred Frankenstein, San Francisco
Chronicle, November 17, 1954.

Mr. Frankenstein's statement couldn't be more true today as it was then.
With the upcoming art season upon us, galleries are preparing to present to the public their latest and greatest.
Here in San Francisco, the focus tends to turn toward the downtown art scene, home of the "dentist-like-office-gallery-towers." While these spaces offer a spectrum of intriguing work, the other end of the City is bursting at the seams with a revival of innovative and exciting new gallery spaces far from the Geary "epicenter."

One such scene is Rail. Rail is an innovative alliance of San Francisco based project spaces and galleries located in the path of the new MUNI T train that connects the Third Street, DogPatch, South Beach and Mission Bay neighborhoods.
These project spaces and galleries include: ampersand international arts, Ping Pong Gallery, Silverman Gallery and TART. The Rail's galleries are diverse in their programming, but share an understanding of what constitutes an art experience, informed by the intimate nature of their spaces. Through their collective experiences, Rail spaces ensure the growing arts presence on Third Street.



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